How to Keep Clients Coming Back

Updated: Mar 9

Improve the success of your small business, by focusing on clients.

It's easy to lose site of the reason you started helping clients in the first place. You have to invoice clients, collect payments, and schedule new appointments. In addition, if you go to your clients, add in drive time. Whenever you get a minute, you feel pressure to respond to client messages or phone calls.

Now, back to basics. Remember that taking good care of your clients is likely the single most important activity that will propel you forward and build a successful business. Without that component, you will continue to struggle to get new clients and keep the ones you have. In other words, not giving enough time and energy to taking exceptional care of your clients will put your business at risk. Clients will not stay with someone they feel does not appreciate them or give them good service.

At first, with only a few clients, it's fairly easy to manage your schedule, billing, payments and communications. It may not take too much time, in the beginning, however, if you plan ahead and organize the business tasks, up front, the process will remain manageable, as your business grows. You'll be able to keep up with business tasks, and avoid becoming overwhelmed. Most small business owners feel the need to spend more time on the management side of their business, but with tools available to streamline these tasks, you can have more time to spend, caring for your clients.

If you are a personal trainer, a caterer, a photographer, a mobile vet or groomer, etc that travels to clients, you know better than most how much time is wasted, if a client forgets their appointment and stands you up. Make it easy for people to remember their appointment with you, and make it easy for them to pay you. Maybe being able to accept credit cards is more convenient for them and reduces your need to spend time collecting outstanding payments.

A handy mobile app can give you effective tools, all on your phone, right at your fingertips. You'll be able to take care of business tasks, quickly and easily, to create a professional image, while taking very little of your time away from actually caring for your clients. Keep client communications organized so that you can easily respond to them quickly. You'll need an appointment scheduler that confirms appointments so that you are not being stood up and you are not standing clients up.

If your business gives proposals, why not save time and create the proposal on-the-spot, with your client. Then, send it out to them for approval, so you don't forget and clients are not left waiting days, or even weeks, for your quote. If the client approves the quote, now, you need an invoice to send out to request payment. Most small businesses spend hours on these tasks. Don't you have better things to do? Get help managing your cash flow, while reducing time spent on the tedious business tasks.

Consider finding an app to simplify your business, and give you back your time. Whether you need more time to focus on clients or you just want to go home at night and relax, an app, but especially a mobile app, can go a long way to giving you back your life, while showing a professional image to your clients, and making them feel valued and appreciated.

Operating in a mindset that puts your clients and customers first will be your most powerful tool, as you grow your business and client loyalty. Make sure to stay focused on the prize!

Start small, if it's easier, but get started, today, simplifying all the tasks required to stay on top of your small business.

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